The Heartstone Centre is a contemporary Mystery School which offers programs in the remote forests of British Columbia as well as other sacred locations throughout the world.
Within our retreat experiences at the Heartstone Centre we offer multi-day experiences which can be combines with silent retreats. Each retreat option is connected to a different element of energy in the diverse pristine forests of British Columbia. We also customize retreats.

Inside the Spirit of an Ancient Volcano awaken the element of Fire and ignite your passion.

Fire has been integral part of spiritual ceremony since the very beginning. It is considered the highest vibrational element that humans can craft. It’s presence in our lives is vital for strengthening our passion, motivation and creativity. It also presents a doorway into ancient ancestral energies and for making contact with Spirit Guides.

Within this three day retreat we will explore ancient connections that link the formation of the Earth and the beginning of life with our ancestral connection to places. Each tree and plant holds a story and that story can provide us with healing energy. We will be exploring the power of mixed forests that provide a diverse range of pollens, resins and phytoncides. We will be in the presence of ancient power points as we stand atop tall stone citadels which will provide an opportunity to experience healing minerals. This experience highlights the role of the “Firekeeper” and offers elements of ancient storytelling, gathering, craft and sacred medicines as well as protection as we navigate new pathways.

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Explore the wonder of Water and the source of a great river as we awaken the element of Water in our lives to cleanse emotions and tap into the Universal flow.

The power of water can bring healing, cleansing, clarity and flow to ones life. This expedition connects with “The Goddess” and the Sacred Feminine it highlights the power of the Moon and how her energy is reflected by the water which can present us with wisdom, strength and purification. We will explore the forest at night and participate in her mysterious healing energies as plants push out an abundance of living air with the rising of the Sun. Breathe deeply as water mixes with the forest and thickens life force. This three day experience immersed in nature is about “flow” and how nature creates environmental attributes through observations, feelings and sounds that can help to guide our lives including our rest and sleep so that we may strengthen our intuition and reach our soul meaning and purpose.

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Connecting with the Element of the Earth in an Ancient Rainforest as we seek to create stability, manifestation and abundance.

Working with the creative powers of ancient teachings we will learn about the power of trees, plants and stones in an effort to strengthen our meaning and purpose. We will explore the spirit of the land including her soils and how the roots of things connect with everything to provide balance. This experience is about the Great Mystery and highlights the role of the “Peaceful Warrior Within” and that of courage as we explore the choice making required for our meaning and purpose. This three day expedition explores the sentient world of the rainforest as we connect with layers of Earth energies including Ley Lines and natural energy points or “portals”. We explore certain mysterious inhabitants which dwell within the deepest part of the forest including the Sidhe, and the Sasquatch. This place is rich in biodiversity as the influence of animals, birds and other beings make connections with us as we develop our relationship with the wild.

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Awaken the element of air in your life and expand your consciousness as we explore the purity of oxygen in the Monashee Mountains.

The power of Air has been known to lift spirits and raise vibratory frequencies through the power of composer biotics, scent and smoke. Ancient trees and mountains hold the mysteries of the Earth in their sweet fragrance, and help us to unlock psychic energies within us. While burning distinctive herbs and resins as “smudging” or “censing” is an ancient and potent way of purifying and healing oneself.

This expedition connects the winds of change with deep and ancient ancestral energy as we search for new perspectives on our way to renewal. This three day experience explores elements of the “Shaman” and the “Cosmic Tree”. We will experience the pure mountain air within the remote Monashee Mountains, as well as the pure energy presented by times of lightning and thunder. This expedition explores the wide view, and represents a visionquest into our dreams. From here we will have a clear unobstructed view of the stars and will feel the energy and strength presented by ancient trees as they grow into the rock on the edge of glaciers and mountain streams.

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