The Heartstone Centre is a contemporary Mystery School which offers programs in the remote forests of British Columbia as well as other sacred locations throughout the world.
Within our retreat experiences at the Heartstone Centre we offer multi-day experiences which can be combines with silent retreats. Each retreat option is connected to a different element of energy in the diverse pristine forests of British Columbia. We also customize retreats.

Inside the Spirit of an Ancient Volcano awaken the element of Fire and ignite your passion.
  • Three Day Retreat at $325 Per Person

Fire has been integral part of spiritual ceremony since the very beginning. It is considered the highest vibrational element that humans can craft. It’s presence in our lives is vital for strengthening our passion, motivation and creativity. It also presents a doorway into ancient ancestral energies and for making contact with Spirit Guides.

Within this three day retreat we will explore ancient connections that link the formation of the Earth and the beginning of life with our ancestral connection to places. Each tree and plant holds a story and that story can provide us with healing energy. We will be exploring the power of mixed forests that provide a diverse range of pollens, resins and phytoncides. We will be in the presence of ancient power points as we stand atop tall stone citadels which will provide an opportunity to experience healing minerals. This experience highlights the role of the “Firekeeper” and offers elements of ancient storytelling, gathering, craft and sacred medicines as well as protection as we navigate new pathways.

This retreat engages with the elements of fire in order to explore the ancestral realm. Participants are introduced to an understanding about ancestral communication and guidance including multidimensional metabolisms and behaviours. Participants explore their own personal ancestral history through divination and Ancestral Mapping, research, intuition and discussion. This process can be complementary to any DNA research findings.

This retreat engages with the Mysteries as a means to address ancestral trauma which can cause emotional and health issues. This exercise can also be helpful with addressing environmental, dietary and lifestyle issues.

What’s included within each retreat…

Each multi-day retreat features stories about the Mysteries. In the Mystery School tradition there has always been a first hand understanding that humans share this planet and the Cosmos with other mystical beings. These beings, known as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Sidhe, Saquatch and many others, once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to hide for their survival. However, today there is a great effort for these various nations to come together and reveal their sacred knowledge with humans so that planetary and cosmic adjustments can occur.

Within our Heartstone Retreats we offer important aspects of Mystery Teachings including an introduction to First Contact which serves as a gateway to help those who have been called to understand and learn the tools required so that they may build positive and practical relationships with sentient beings from the Otherworlds and the Plant Nations.

Retreats exercise psychic ability, clairvoyance, and clairsentience which all involve “spiritual intuition.” Retreats introduce participants to the tools required for strengthening spiritual intuition which serves to build a connection to soul-based curiosity. Retreats also focus on methods of communication with Biotic and Abiotic worlds.

Each multi-day retreat includes exciting and comforting features that bridge wellness, the paranormal and the mysteries with the natural world. Each program includes:
  • Airport shuttle and touring between the Sanctuary Forest Centre and wilderness trailheads.
  • Each program is guided by professional Yasei Shinrin Yoku Guides and guest practitioners.
  • Comfortable Glamping Tents and Retreat facilities and Base Camp tents.
  • Numerous gentle guided walkabouts with meditation sessions connected to unique forest ecosystems.
  • Daytime and evening presentations and discussions about the Mysteries and the wild relationships that link better health with nature.
  • Meals that include wildcrafted cuisine and culinary learning so that you can rewild your diet.
  • Ample alone time that’s just for you.
  • Each program includes Earth stewardship experiences and methods of modern and ancient caretaking as well as ceremonies which can help offer protection and restore balance in the forest.
  • We offer an extra free day. You can remain here for another day and just relax.
  • When you register for a retreat experience you become an Associate Member of the Heartstone Centre.

2022 Dates for this 3 Day Retreat:
  • September 10 - 12
  • September 17 - 19

$325 per person (Canadian dollars) includes accommodation and more.
Tribe of Five Rate: Reserve five spaces for $1500 or $300 per person.


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Heartstone Centre: Fire Awakening 3 Day Retreat
Inside the Spirit of an Ancient Volcano
awaken the element of Fire and ignite your passion.
  • Three Day Retreat at $325 Per Person
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